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Recent Artworks (all 2016)


Once in awhile something will happen like a person will ask me who the artist is on one of my own pieces of work and I’ll realize that – while I talk a lot (I hardly shut up) … I don’t always talk enough about myself.

Here are recent artistic works (actually all still in progress)



Writer/Photographic Artist/Law of Attraction Certified Coach

Human crow who enjoys colorful shiny things.

Vision Board

The first time I ever heard of a vision board was from my father.  His uncle Roy made a small model of the farm he wanted to own someday.  My dad said when he first saw his Uncle Roy’s farm even he could see it was nearly identical to the model.

We talk about vision boards as if they are wish lists with pictures to Santa, but I think really, at their best, they are love letters to our heart.

There are some love letters to our heart that are harder to write than others.  Today I had an inspiration for a chunk of one of the harder letters.  It gave me a pretty terrific idea.

Traditionally a vision board is on some sort of poster board and has pictures of the items envisioned.  Anyone who has studied the law of attraction knows that you have to achieve the frequency of whatever you desire in order to attract it.  You can’t be thinking I would like to go to Cancun, but I never get to go to Cancun.  You’ll never get to Cancun that way.  You have to be thinking of how wonderful it will be.  The heat.  The water.  The umbrella drinks.  Then a few months later when you’re in Hawaii you’ll realized the universe  gave you exactly what you asked for albeit a little differently than you envisioned.  That is how it works.

The important thing is not the details, but the feeling you want to achieve.  You need to give yourself permission to go ahead and feel it.  Now.

When I was a kid I didn’t get exposed to music any where near as much as I wanted to be.  Now I know that’s why I am frequently exposed to new music and new opportunities to be exposed to new music as an adult.  In addition to returning to the blip-o-verse today (where you can be a sort of online DJ,)  which was absolutely fabulous, I got to be part of another one of Lisa Mychols and friends musical blabs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.05.24 PM

Mychols & Friends Wind and Rain and Shine

I got to pick the band we talked about this week.  My only note was it had to be one from the sixties.  I woke up with the song “Bus Stop” in my head.  The Hollies it is.  Anybody who knows me knows I am pretty much a social media freak.  I can share and generate and have so much media content swirling that no one can keep up with it.  Lisa is much more organized in her approach and I honestly do try to help her in an efficient manner when I can.  Today I did that by posting a Hollies song lyric to Facebook after I saw Lisa had posted a line or two from On a Carousel.    I posted Bus Stop of course, but just this line:

Other people stared as if we were both quite insane

A friend continued the lyric for me on Facebook suggesting I was looking for “Someday my name and hers are going to be the same.”

Nope.  In fact I sort of actively dislike that lyric for its neat little packaging.  I said something to the effect of “Nope, I’m happy with the insane line.”  Which made me realize.  I really was.  Very happy.  It made me remember everything I loved about my ex boyfriend.  It made me realize everything I want in a relationship.

Other people stared as if we were both quite insane

I want someone to be in that Bus Stop “line” with me.  We’ve all been there.  Something silly happens and you laugh together until your stomach hurts while other people look at you like you’re crazy.  That is everything a relationship can give me that I don’t quite have by myself.

That is a feeling.

That is a feeling and I have felt it before.

That is the stuff of a very good vision board.

Thanks Lisa, Tom and Randy.  It was the topper on what had already been a pretty spectacular day.

IMG_0508 (1)


Writer/Photographic Artist/Law of Attraction Certified Coach

Human crow who enjoys colorful shiny things.