I love making memes.  I love working with images in general, but I love making memes.

Natural for a writer/photographer to want to see images and words combined.

I’ve begun adding my own quotes to some of my memes.  You can recognize those by the hashtag “who said that I suppose I did” in all lower case letters and with no spaces.

The hashtag itself is a quote from the movie Harold and Maude.

Maude: The earth is my body; my head is in the stars. 


Maude: Who said that, Harold? 

Harold: I don’t know. 

Maude: Well, I suppose I did, then.

I love sharing memes.  The jump to making my own happened naturally when I couldn’t find what I was looking for and knew I’d have to create one myself.  The jump to quoting myself came the same way.  I looked for somebody who had said what I wanted to say.    When I didn’t find one, I came to this sneaking conclusion:

If nobody is saying the thing you want to say, maybe you’re the one who is supposed to be saying it.


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