The Meaning of Life

A couple of weeks back Blab with Elsie & Angie had Dr. Janeen Detrick on as a guest.  We talked about ACIM, Abraham-Hicks, processes, source/divine/jesus/self and things like that.  As I frequently say on my videos, I work best when I give you stories from my own life or my own perspective based on my experiences.

I have come to a personal understanding of the meaning of life from mentors, teachers and other students as well as my lifetime of experience.  My own personal understanding of the meaning of life is this:

We are infinite energy beings having a physical experience.  While we are our physical beings, we are also energy beings.  That energy planned certain aspects of our physical lifetimes.  An easy metaphor would be me planning a vacation.  The energetic me planned for a vacation as the physical me on earth; including personal curriculum, home team, faculty and students, loves and talents, passions and desires.  During my physical lifetime, energetic me has also planned new excursions and side trips based on the physical reactions energetic me couldn’t predict.  

See?  That’s why we have our physical experiences.  It’s like the tree in the forest unanswerable question.  (Except it CAN be answered.)  If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it, it does NOT produce a sound.  It produces a sound wave, which is the potential for sound, but with no one to receive it; it remains unheard.  We don’t like to think about systems we can’t physically look at and understand, but as life ticks forward it is becoming more and more the thing we need to understand.  (If we agree we need understand anything at all.)

Everything is energy.  You can think of it as 1s and 0s if you like, but it is all energy and the space between energy, which is simply another energy.  If everything is energy, then why do we need to have a physical experience?  It would be very easy to simply say:  to exist; but it seems to me, it is like drawing the plans for something on paper.  Sometimes you just can’t see the pitfalls or what needs to happen next until you make that drawing a 3 dimensional thing.

That’s us.

Sound waves are a form of energy.  Energy can be wave or a particle. However, when you begin reading about “The Observer Effect” you begin to get a feeling for how flibberty gibberty energy can be about whether or not it wants to be a wave or a particle.  It can actually switch just because you looked at it.  So for metaphor and comparison, let’s just think of it as a wave.  We know a sound wave remains just that unless there is something to receive it.  Isn’t life the same way?

Once we are physical beings there is a second half to the equation, though.  Frequency.  We only hear one frequency.  The one we are currently focused on.  Like a radio, we can change the station and we frequently do.   Sometimes by habit, sometimes by attrition, sometimes by choice.  The awareness we use to intentionally change our frequency depends upon the same awareness that it exists in the first place.  Conversely, the less we are aware of its existence, the more we are unaware of the possibility of other frequencies and other ways of seeing the world.  Empathy and life experience gives us windows to new frequencies while cataloging the emotional experiences of old ones.

Based on my experience, let’s consider emotional pain like electricity going through a piece of electronics.  The electronics has resistors to protect it from surges in electrical power.  The human has beliefs, habits, programs, all sorts of things that act as a resistor against emotional pain.  I have no idea the pitfalls in the electronics but with humans it is that we become lost in the constant aversion to anything unpleasant or painful.  At the very least if the resistors made the electronics cease to work, we would notice, but I think we lose some very basic and important human elements to our resistors.  I think it is a feature in the beginning and that we each face a personal moment where we adapt and grow or it becomes a serious bug.

Beyond that, we have designed an entire human ego-based empire based on word of mouth.  We live lives where we have an attitude we are somehow beyond or above life.  Hilarious when we are not just alive, but “life.”  If you were to make a list of all “life” on Earth, we would be on it.  Think about it.  All natural.  Gluten free.  Fat Free.  Monosodium Glutamate.   Whatever.

You were born a natural ingredient.  Act like one.  lol


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